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Notary Services – Document Types

The follow is a list of services and documents are staff are familiar with:

Act as Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
Administer Oaths and Affirmations
Administer Solemn Declarations
Affidavit of Execution
Affidavit of Identity
Affidavit of Service
Affirming of Declarations
Authentication of Alberta Government Documents
Authenticate Notarized Documents
Certification of Government Forms
Certification of Signatures
Certify Birth Certificate
Certify Consent to Travel Documents
Certified Copy of Court Order
Certify Copy of Degree
Certify Copy of Marriage Certificate
Certify Copy of Original Documents
Certify Copy of Powers of Attorney
Certify Identification Copies
Certify Government Forms
Certify Mortgage Copies
Certify Photographs
Certify Real Estate Documents
Declaration of Transactions
Exemplification – Notarial Certificate
Foreign Embassy Stamp, Help to Obtain
Invitation Letters for Visitors’ Visas, Preparation of Letters of Invitation for a Canadian Visit Visa
Mobile Notary Public Services
Notarial Certificates Provided
Notarized Documents Legalized
Notarization of Applications
Notarization of Authenticity Declarations
Notarization of Bills of Sale
Notarization of Birth Certificate
Notarization of Certificate of Identification
Notarization of Certified Copies
Notarization of Change of Name Application
Notarization of Consent to Travel Documents
Notarization of a Copy of an Existing Order
Notarization of Deeds
Notarization of Declarations
Notarization of Examination Application
Notarization of Invitation Letter
Notarization of Land Transfer Signings and Documents
Notarization of Licencing Application
Notarization of Marriage Certificate
Notarization of Membership Application
Notarization of Mortgage Documents
Notarization of Mortgage Signing
Notarization of Parent Consent Letter
Notarization of Passport Form PPT 132
Notarization of Passport Form PPT 203
Notarization of Passport Form PPTC 044
Notarization of Passport Form PPTC 046
Notarization of Permanent Resident Card Application
Notarization of Photographs
Notarization of Postgraduate Education Application
Notarization of Power of Attorney
Notarization of Professional Applications
Notarization of Proof of Loss
Notarization of Release Signing
Notarization of Signatures
Notarization of Single Status Affidavit
Notarization of Statement of Live Birth
Notarization of Statutory Declarations
Notarization of Sworn Statement
Notarization of True Copies
Notarization of Unauthorized
Notarization of Waiver Execution
Passport Applications (Must bring in the declaration that’s states that you are using a Notary Public in lieu of a Guarantee.
Passport, Statutory Declaration for a Damaged Passport
Passport, Statutory Declaration for a Lost Passport
Pension Documents
Solemn Declarations Taken
Statutory Declaration, in Lieu of Notarization for Guarantor
Statutory Declarations, Preparation of
Witnessing of Signatures

Require a document or service not listed above? Please contact us to discuss.

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